Best Apps for Selling Stuff

12 Best Apps for Selling Stuff (Make Cash on the Go)

In the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce, finding the right platform is crucial for those looking to declutter or discover unique treasures. The realm of “best apps for selling stuff” offers diverse options tailored to different needs.

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From global giants like eBay and Amazon to locally-centered platforms such as OfferUp and Letgo, each app has its features, creating a dynamic marketplace ecosystem for buyers and sellers alike.

Best Apps for Selling Stuff


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Image Source: eBay

Description: eBay stands as a seasoned online marketplace where users can effortlessly buy and sell across a diverse array of products. Whether through auction-style listings or fixed-price sales, eBay’s global reach and secure transaction methods make it a reliable choice for online commerce.


  • Auction and Fixed-Price Options: Sellers can opt for traditional auction-style listings or set fixed prices.
  • Global Reach: Access to a vast international market for both buyers and sellers.
  • Feedback System: A robust feedback mechanism fosters trust among users.
  • Wide Variety: Sells everything from electronics to collectibles.


Amazon AppforumSellStuff
Image Source: Amazon

Description: Amazon, known primarily as an e-commerce giant, doubles as a platform for individuals to sell new or used items. Leveraging Amazon’s extensive infrastructure, sellers can tap into a massive customer base and utilize fulfillment services.


  • Fulfillment Services: Sellers can use Amazon’s warehouses for storage and shipping.
  • Massive Customer Base: Access to millions of potential buyers.
  • Variety of Products: Allows the sale of various items, not limited to a specific category.


Craiglist AppforumSellStuff
Image Source: Craigslist

Description: Craigslist is a straightforward local classified ads website with city-specific sections, enabling users to sell items within their immediate vicinity. Its no-frills approach makes it an uncomplicated choice for local transactions.


  • Localized Sections: City-based sections for direct, local transactions.
  • Simplicity: A straightforward platform for quick and easy listings.
  • Direct Communication: Buyers and sellers can communicate directly.

Facebook Marketplace:

Best Apps for Selling Stuff Facebook MarketPlace
Image Source: Facebook Marketplace

Description: Integrated into the social media giant, Facebook Marketplace simplifies buying and selling within local communities. Users can list items, negotiate prices, and arrange transactions while leveraging the familiarity of the Facebook platform.


  • Local Selling: Connects users with potential buyers in their local community.
  • Communication within Facebook: Buyers and sellers can communicate through Facebook Messenger.
  • Visibility: Listings are visible to a user’s Facebook network.


Best Apps for Selling Stuff Poshmark
Image Source: Poshmark

Description: Poshmark focuses primarily on fashion, offering a platform for buying and selling new or used clothing, shoes, and accessories. Its emphasis on curated closets and social interaction creates a visually engaging user experience.



Best Apps for Selling Stuff- Depop
Image Source: Depop

Description: Depop caters to a younger demographic, providing a platform for selling and buying vintage and second-hand fashion items. Its social media-like interface, explore page, and engagement features make it visually appealing and socially interactive.


  • Visual Interface: An Instagram-like interface with emphasis on visuals.
  • Explore Page: Users can discover new items through a curated explore page.
  • Social Selling: Fosters a sense of community through social interactions.


Best Apps for Selling Stuff Mercari
Image Source: Mercari

Description: Mercari is an app facilitating the buying and selling of used items, spanning electronics, clothing, and more. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward transaction process contribute to its popularity.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation for both buyers and sellers.
  • Wide Range of Categories: Allows selling in various categories, including electronics and clothing.
  • Secure Transactions: Provides a secure platform for transactions.


Best Apps for Selling Stuff OfferUp
Image Source: OfferUp

Description: OfferUp is a mobile-centric marketplace designed for local buying and selling. With a focus on convenience, users can list and browse diverse products within their local community. Its user-friendly interface streamlines the buying and selling process.


  • Mobile-Centric: Designed for easy access on smartphones.
  • Local Focus: Connects buyers and sellers within the same geographic area.
  • Varied Product Range: Offers a wide selection of electronics and furniture products.


Description: Letgo shares similarities with OfferUp and was acquired by OfferUp. A mobile marketplace for local buying and selling. It emphasizes simplicity, allowing users to list items for sale and connect with local buyers quickly.


  • Simplicity: Streamlined process for listing items and connecting with buyers.
  • Mobile App: Convenient access through a dedicated mobile application.
  • Local Transactions: Facilitates transactions within the user’s local area.

Download Letgo from Playstore or Apple Appstore.


Best Apps for Selling Stuff GumTree
Image Source: Gumtree

Description: Gumtree is a classified advertisement website with a global presence covering various countries. It serves as a platform for buying and selling items locally, providing users with a wide audience while maintaining a localized approach.


  • Global Reach: Covers multiple countries for broader visibility.
  • Localized Listings: Users can find and list items for sale within their local area.
  • Diverse Categories: Allows the sale of items across various categories.


Best Apps for Selling Stuff VarageSale
Image Source: VarageSale

Description: VarageSale is a virtual garage sale platform that creates a digital space for local buyers and sellers. Its community-oriented approach ensures a secure and neighborly environment for transactions.


  • Community-Focused: Emphasizes local connections and community engagement.
  • Moderated Environment: Ensures a safe and reliable platform through community moderation.
  • Virtual Garage Sales: Mimics the experience of a traditional garage sale in an online setting.


Best Apps for Selling Stuff NextUp
Image Source: Nextdoor

Description: While Nextdoor is primarily known as a neighborhood-focused social network, Nextdoor extends its functionality to include a marketplace for local buying and selling. This integration allows users to connect with neighbors for transactions.


  • Neighborhood Integration: Seamlessly incorporates a marketplace within the neighborhood-focused social network.
  • Trusted Connections: Transactions often occur between neighbors, fostering a sense of trust.
  • Local Recommendations: Enables users to discover items from nearby sellers.

Whether you’re seeking to offload unused items or unearth hidden gems, these apps cater to a spectrum of preferences. From the fashion-centric allure of Poshmark and Depop to the neighborhood-focused transactions on Nextdoor, the “best apps for selling stuff” empower users with convenient and secure transaction avenues.

As the digital marketplace continues to thrive, exploring these platforms provides a gateway to a seamless and efficient buying and selling experience.

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